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    German EPA Typ 8


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    Product Description

    German Army Combat Ration. This is a genuine 24hr ration, brand new and factory sealed.
    Each ration comes with complete breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

    Minced Steaks with Rice and Vegetables 300g
    Pork Goulash with Noodles 300g
    Dessert Hazelnut pudding 60g
    Canned bread 170g
    Hard biscuits 125g
    Sausage spread 48g
    Tuna with lime and pepper 85g
    Bread spread natural 25g
    Instant muesli 80g
    Jam cherry & blackberry 2 x 25g
    Coffee 2 x 3, 5g
    Cappuccino beverage powder 1 x 10g
    Tea extract 2 x 1, 2g
    Sugar 4 x 12, 5g
    Creamer 2 x 3g
    Salt 2 x 3g
    Powdered drink exotic + grapefruit + Orange + lemon 4 x 32, 5g
    Energy bar 50g
    Chocolate 50g
    Chewing gum 10x
    4 pieces of water purification tablets
    4 sheet multi purpose paper
    1 x refreshing towel
    20 piece matches


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