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  • 5 Sachets of IMUKAL Drink
  • Protein Drink
  • Indonesian Army

Product Description

Indonesian IMUKAL - Military Beverage
Extremely rare and hard to find item. MREZone is currently the only distributor in the USA!

Imukal is a tasty flavored protein drink with crunchy corn flake cereal bits inside. 2 drinks can easily replace your breakfast or lunch.

Imukal is high in calorie beverage, designed to accelerate the recovery process after an excessive combat exercise or a combat operation. 
A single Imukal sachet contains many nutrients and vitamins needed for your body to combat fatigue and regain energy. 

There are 4 flavors that I know of, chocolate, coffee, vanilla and mango.
However, because the flavor of the drink is not specified anywhere on the packaging, it is impossible to know which is what.

This drink is prepared with hot water and should be consumed warm.

** Please note: This item contains milk. **

Best Before: April 2018.

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